Welcome - Green Force

Green Force is the youngest member of the West Group family.
Our vision is to make a healthy environment.

Since 2017, Green Force has been striving to promote environmental awareness and preserve our environment and the planet in various ways. We do that across education, sales, and servicing of utility equipment and machines.

We are surrounded by stable and strong partners in the field of keeping the environment clean.

Our business partners are international companies such as: OMB, Atlas, Schmidt, Peruzzo, Stummer, Multione, Hako, Multitel, Isuzu, Weycor, Cantolc, Parker.

We are focused on clients’ needs. Our team is highly educated people, dedicated to the job and the client.
If you have any questions we are here for you at all times.


Excellence. Focus. Precision.

You can count on our honest relationship in business, respect for diversity, security, accuracy, trust, customer focus, quality.

Environmental management


Waste management


Equipment servicing management


Continuous improvement, education and focus on the customer and customer needs make us unique in the market.

The strategic focus of the Green Force company is to offer ecological solutions, excellent machines, healthy services. To influence the protection of the environment through the range of products and services we offer. All our services are the customer-centric focus.

Sales and upgrades of industrial and special machines

We sell the highest quality industrial machines.

Servicing and maintenance of all machines and equipment

We do services of complete equipment and machines.

Design of special accessories

We have a solution for upgrading all machines according to customer needs.