As a commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu delivers a broad range of products to customers in more than 150 countries around the world, from light-duty pickup trucks to heavy-duty tractors with large 16-liter displacement engines.

Isuzu is foundation 1916. Isuzu Corporate Mission is Trust, Action, Excellence.
Isuzu is a manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Isuzu manufactures and sells trucks and buses.
Isuzu manufactures and sells the D-MAX, a 1-ton pickup truck with proven performance and popularity around the world, and the MU-X PPV (Passenger Pickup Vehicle).


Truck –  3,5 tonne

Isuzu L35 Crew

Isuzu L35

Isuzu M21

Isuzu N35


Truck  5.5 – 9.5 tonne

Isuzu M55

Isuzu P65

Isuzu P75

Isuzu Q95


Truck 11 – 14 tonne

Isuzu F11

Isuzu F14


Special upgrade trucks

Isuzu M21 H

Isuzu M21 Socage forSte 20D

Isuzu P75



D-MAX hydraulic platform

D-MAX truck box

D-MAX mini fridge

D-MAX mobile

D-MAX monster truck

D-MAX transport of dangerous goods

D-MAX service telecommunication vehicle

D-MAX firefighting

D-MAX snowplow

Isuzu D-MAX crew cab

Isuzu D-MAX single cab

Isuzu D-MAX space cab

Additional services

The Green Force service center is at your disposal 24 hours a day.

We have designed several direct services that are always available for your needs.
You can get us depending on the product or service for which you need us to contact us:
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– field trip as needed.


Behind our company in partnership and servicing are excellent partners. Our partners have a great base of spare parts for all models in our offer.

We can boast 100% original spare parts for all our product models.

The complete concept of servicing and replacing spare parts works on the three principles:

– inspection in our service

– scheduling

– purchase and replacement of spare parts.

Our service technicians are at your disposal for all your questions, consultation, and change of spare parts. We are at your service for any of your questions.

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