The MULTITEL name is a reference for everybody involved with aerial access.

This trademark was created at the end of the 1970s to distinguish a range of aerial equipment, manufactured by MULTITEL PAGLIERO SPA, a company established back in 1911, which looks back on fifty years of experience, in the field of hydraulics, applied to lifting and access equipment.


It was in the 1970s that the demand for equipment arose, allowing for quick and safe ways to carry out work at heights. MULTITEL PAGLIERO SPA, answering to its pioneering mentality and experience, fulfilled this demand with the introduction of its manufacturing philosophy on this range, i.e. to supply reliable products with ease in operation and large safety margins.
The superior quality of the materials applied, the use of the most advanced software available for design and development, the in-house management of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components used to make the Multitel Pagliero platforms highly functional and safe, with exceptional performance and proven record on the market as equipment of great reliability.
An integrated flow of production combined with a structured organization of the production units has allowed the company to develop a manufacturing, high on standardization and for serial production, keeping at the same time, flexibility necessary to meet all the market’s requirements.


Truck mounted platforms up to 3,5 tonnes

145 ALU

160 ALU

MT 162 EX

MT 202 EX

MT 222 EX

MX 170

MX 235

MX 250

MJ 201

MJ 226

HX 195

HX 200 EX

MS 100 EX



Truck mounted platforms over 3,5 tonnes

MX 270

MX 290

MJ 320

MJ 420

MJ 600

MJ 750


Self propelled articulated platforms

SHX 190

SMX 225

SMX 300 HD

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