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About tippers for medium range of vehicles, we have designed a new kind of body. Accurate analysis allow us to achieve a reduction of the tare, a reduction of the height from the floor of the loading surface, a great versatility of use, an extreme simplicity of construction, that allows fast and accurate maintenance, and a strength that makes the tipper suitable for any kind of materials. With our new construction procedure, every tipper is “tailor-made”.
The boards are made without the uprights and they are completely welded, in order to preserve any infiltration and consequent formation of rust. The profiles have more pronounced longitudinal ribs, in order to further improve the strength that always distinguishes our structures. Any specific request of the Customer can be performed with special projects (such as tipper with loading ramp, arrangements for log transport, special opening systems, hydraulic rear extension with hidden lock etc.)


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Behind our company in partnership and servicing are excellent partners. Our partners have a great base of spare parts for all models in our offer.

We can boast 100% original spare parts for all our product models.

The complete concept of servicing and replacing spare parts works on the three principles:

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